Always a Lady First, Inc.

Founded: Spring 2015 

Location: Tampa, FL

Status: 501(c) 3

Nonprofit Corporation 

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Testimonial Learning

"I wanted to tell you, thank you for your efforts. You have taken a passion of yours with Always a Lady First Club and given students a place to know themselves better. In addition, you utilize the club to promote our campus in a positive light, and all as a volunteer. Thanks again for what you do and I am glad you are part of the team."

Richard Halle

Taft High School, Vice Principal



"I joined Always A Lady First my senior year and created several impactful memories as a member in the program. Mrs. Rodriguez was not only extremely helpful with advice & life-lessons but she empowered each student to become the best versions of themselves. I’m very grateful to have become part of the organization because I learned about college, fitness, diet and finances. In the future I will be attending The University of Texas at San Antonio with a major in Neurobiology. As a college student I hope to gain acceptance into medical school and eventually become a surgeon. Although the medical field is extremely rough & competitive, I truly believe that Always A Lady First placed me in the right direction to pursue and reach this dream! "


Class of 2019



"I learned how to walk like a lady and how to respect others."


Class of 2017



"I learned how to present myself as a lady more than I have already. I learned to walk in heals. I also learned how to take care of my face. I have learned many things, at Always a Lady First."


Class of 2017



"I learned many things, but the what stuck out to me was how to set up a table. I also learned a lot about beauty and different ways to take care of our skin."


Class of 2016



"I learned that maintaining a happy, healthy, and clean body, goes beyond simply just showering every day. It involves using certain beauty products and just being confident in who you are as a lady."


Class of 2015